UE4: Wipout Craft

A preview of custom flight/driving mechanics for a wipeout style game programmed in c++ for UE4. The ship has 6 downward facing range checkers and matching thrusters attempting keep the vehicle level. Some tuning an perhaps a better pilot would reduce the amount of wobble and bottoming out seen during the run. I created the track and the terrible craft model shown.

Enabling ReFs with windows 8.1


With the latest windows 8.1 it is now possible to enable the ReFS file system on your volumes. ReFS has a some notable benefits over NTFS including its ability to “self heal” however there are currently a few limitations. For more information regarding ReFS and whether its right for you check here To enable ReFS on windows 8.1 its a … Continue reading

Ludum Dare 29


The Weekend is over, and for me so is the jam. Its been an incredible weekend using Phaser (phaser.io) again to produce a fun little HTML5 game. We sourced a large amount of our resources from OpenGameArt.org and below you’ll find a list of thank you’s to the artists that contributed to the game. Its been an amazing Game jam and … Continue reading

The Big Move


For a few years now I have been considering the move from my current dedicated server provider 1&1 to a cheaper and more updated alternative. Generally speaking very few dedicated server providers will upgrade the hardware you are renting, not at least without a cost. As a result having the same dedicated server for so many years results in its specifications slowly … Continue reading

Building a Z80 Emulator Part 2

A Z80 chip found in a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Issue 3B

It’s been a few weeks since my first post regarding my attempt to produce a Z80 emulator and much has changed. What appeared a few weeks ago to be a fairly simple endeavour turned out to be a significantly longer development than I had expected. With this post I will walk you though some of the issues I encountered and … Continue reading

Open Cranium


Recently I have undertaken the task of rebuilding my C# Neural Networking library that I had originally written to assist research at Nottingham Trent University. The library has the ability to produce a number of network shapes, from tall and wide linear networks, to recursive and echo state networks. A key part of this redevelopment, as hinted in the title, is that the software is available publicly on GitHub. I have always … Continue reading

The Lan It Snowed

Snow at Telford

Last weekend (22nd – 24th march 2013) the Telford International center played host to one of the UK’s largest lan events, the insomnia series. I have attended a fair few of the ISeries events at Telford, but this one will certainly remain the most memorable. After escaping work early on Thursday to pack the car, all seemed well when we rocked up at the international center around … Continue reading

GGJ 2013


So we are done at GGJ more information on what we made will follow soon, here is a youtube video explaining the game a little : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAYNXThYJPc Here is a download link for the client : Download  Blog of Events at GGJ 2013 : 27th Jan 2013 : 2:06 It seems Nottingham development society (devsoc.co.uk)  has not got the energy they had … Continue reading

It’s Snow Joke

A Light Dusting

So it seems the UK is at the mercy of a strong draft for the next few weeks allowing for a slightly elevated indulgence in our favorite British pastime, talking about the weather. However it always wonderfully surprises me how snow can cause complete strangers engage in conservation with each other, usually with a smile or a joke, a rarity in the UK. Whilst it hasn’t hit the Nottingham / Derby area … Continue reading


First Proper attempt of DOF

So i now have a digital SLR ( Cannon EOS 1100D  ), so expect random photos of stuff that either makes no senses or is pointless until i learn how to use it well. I have always wanted a proper camera, and have relished any chance I got to use other peoples. Hopefully this will be a good new hobby that will pull me away from … Continue reading


A console i created with a number of effects to give the effect of an old damaged monitor

So i have started a small side project to keep my C# abilitys sharp while my day job pulls me into c++, by basicaly creating a number of shaders and effects.This first one is an an old style looking console screen, with simulated static and scan lines thanks to the magic of HLSL.

Neural Networks : Types Explained


This blog post outlines a number of types of neural networks I have worked with during my research ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) are an algorithmic way of modelling data categorisation, pattern recognition and other simplified tasks performed by neurons within the brain (Bar-Yam, 2003). They are commonly used for predicting data in a way that provides better accuracy then simple or … Continue reading

Neural Networks : Training, Back propogation and Activation Functions

This Blog post will look into how you train a neural network, specifically areas used during my research. There are three types of training that neural networks can undergo depending on both the type of data that is being provided for training, and the required use of the neural network. The first is supervised training, a method which involves presenting an input to the … Continue reading