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Aug 18

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For a number of projects over the last few years i’ve tried to implement networking in a rush to add that extra element of fun through multiplayer etc or to simply interconnect two apps, however implementing networking under tight time restrictions can be a mammoth task. Over the last few projects where I have used c# I have been putting together a easy and quick to use networking library.

The library assists in the building of packets and sending them between clients and a central server. To stay away from bulky and slow serialization techniques that are available in the .net framework (XmlSerializer and BinarySerializer for example), the library offers its own form of lightweight and quick packet serialization. There is also a C++11 implementation of the client available, along with a portable version of the packet builder and serializer. 

For more information or to check out the source head over to Github Here :
It is also available as a Nuget Package here :

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